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like father like snow-pony

Every time I watch her being ridden around the arena, I can’t help by think just HOW much she looks like Aristo. Maybe even better, in some regards (more open through the throatlatch, for one), and of course not yet there in others (no topline to speak of). Her daddy was a big selling feature when I decided I wanted to buy her, and I’m just thrilled with how much she’s turning out to be like him.

The resemblance is very hard to see 😉


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second ride on the snow-pony


I loff my pony 😀

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first ride on the snow-pony

I rode her! I rode her! I rode her! We walked and we trotted and we trotted some more and she was AWESOME! And Holly cantered her!! I’m SO excited!!!!

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in memorium – SmithsonLM

It has been two years since Lucille, also known as “SmithsonLM” passed away. A wise woman who knew horses and knew how to live life, her adviced helped MANY people. Her posts on the UDBB are STILL helping people today. I have many pages of her words printed out and saved. These in particular I felt compelled to share here:

Smiles. I gotta warn you, those memories of a good ride can last forever. They outrank most other life experiences. Ah, the secret satisfactions of a senior citizen… Don’t wait for things to brag about… ride for the moment, every moment. It is enough.

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proud momma….the snow-pony RIDES!

Yes yes, you read that right, the Snow-pony is officially a riding pony 😀

I went back and forth and back and forth, and finally decided to send her off to the trainers. Well, she’s on to ride number three right now and I couldn’t be happier. She walks, trots, steers, stops, backs up…and with only a couple of exceptions, looks like she’s been doing it forever! 😀

I guess her first ride (walking, turning, half the arena) was okay – she let out a couple of big bucks when first asked to go forward, but not too bad. By the second ride, she was trotting and going whole arena, and only swished her tail a couple of times. Third ride didn’t even have any lunging ahead of time, and she just did great!!

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trail training and the smart pony (a different story)

Before we do the judged trail ride I talked her into, my mom thought she ought to try a couple of “trail” obstacles while safe at home. Goal being to have Anna hesitate at something that my mom would have to push her through. She’s a good girl and never put a foot wrong with my mom yet, and my mom’s confidence has just soared this summer. So this was big!!

So, Saturday afternoon while my mom was riding around, I went and pulled out our old training tarp

Sure enough, Anna said NO WAY!

Mom let her sniff it…

And then she walked over no problem

So, of to do it again, right?

Yes, it smells like the same tarp

And then, I kid you not, the pony looked at me and said, “Why walk over it when I can just move it out of my way??”

She looks awfully proud of herself

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trail training and the green pony (a story)

Staring my good friend Jess E 😉

Jess E attempts to lead the Snow-pony to water (with or without the drinking…we’re not picky!). Pony says, “Mom, are you KIDDING? Put that camera down – she’s trying to kill me!”

Here, Foxxy will show you how

See, it’s just water

No thanks, I’m good up here

See, look, there’s FOOD up here. FOOD!

Puh-leeeeease don’t make me!


Hey look, it’s water!

This water tastes funny!

Hmm….this isn’t so bad…

Oh! It’s touching me!

That was fun, hey look! FOOD!

You want me to go in there again???

Okay fine, it’s no big deal now anyhow. Not sure what your problem is…it’s just water…

Hey look, I can see myself!

And last but not least, I got to ride Foxxy!! My first time on a gaited horse – different for sure, but fun!

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A few words on how horses haven't managed to kill me (yet...)
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