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chilly days and deciding not to ride

I swear, it had nothing to do with the cold! In order to live to ride another day…I DIDN’T ride Snow today 😛

An explanation in pictures – enjoy 😉

After one bucking spree, she totally torqued her surcingle. I stopped her and went over to fix it before she stepped on the still unattached side reins. She’s looking awfully suspicious of whatever I’m about to do!

(Do note the very nice and still halt. Okay, don’t. On with the show…)

Yeah yeah, you’re cute. I’ll keep you around…


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turkey day pictures

You weren’t expecting non-horsey pictures, were you?

And then with a little bit of encouragement (or what she called peer pressure! 😀 ), my mom cantered for the first time since her accident!

The stride right afer the canter…pretty? Nope. But LOOK at that grin!

My turn…

Hmm…who’s the pretty pony in the puddle?

Whhheeeeeeeeeeee! (There was JUST enough firm ground around the edge)

I just like the background here

Anna’s so cute 🙂

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november? it’s november?

Wow. Only six weeks until Christmas! One thing I will NOT be asking Santa for is a pony! 😉 Let’s see how far behind I am in the updates….

For starters, Ashland went well. Too well, perhaps, since we came home with a new pony. Oops! Bailea is a three year old mare who matches Snow pretty darn well! Well trained to drive, with an impressive show record (wins in halter and pleasure driving at the futurity last year!), and green under saddle too. She’s very cute, and I can’t wait to really get started with her! But of course, with the time change, we’re really only getting to work horses on the weekends now, so for now she’s enjoying life as a pasture pet. Hopefully that’ll change soon!

Snow is coming along VERY nicely, and proving herself as the potential little dressage pony I’d hoped for. I even tried for western one day, and not only did she NOT care about the tack change (yay!) – she looked even more like a dressage pony than ever!

And now for my latest adventure – I’ve started jumping Anna! More proof that the mare is a saint, as if we needed ANY more. She’s freaking adorable too 🙂

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A few words on how horses haven't managed to kill me (yet...)
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