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i rode i rode i rode i rode!

Oh my gosh, I’m still just so excited! With the crappy footing and all, I haven’t worked a horse since October. We rode The Banana on Thanksgiving, but that doesn’t count. Our footing is still crappy, and my girl is still fat, but my trainer mentioned a while back that she had upper level horse she’d let me ride if I still wanted to get some lessons in. Then of course she was sick and I left town, and I FINALLY rode!

What surprised me most was that I actually had a FABULOUS lesson. She had a little mercy on me – kept us to first level stuff and even let me post the trot to warm up (not after that of course :p ). But I wasn’t flailing around too much, and her indoor was relatively warm, and I had just a grand old time on this fantastic old horse. And even my trainer said I looked really good for not having ridden 😀

I also have to say, especially after a summer of three year olds, it’s REALLY cool to be on a horse who knows (and likes 😀 ) his job. You know, you put your legs and your hands where they’re supposed to be and the movements just HAPPEN. I forgot it could be like that!

And then to top it all off I put off a boatload load of work to do and spent the afternoon reading horsey mags and drinking cocoa 😀

Just had to share my random horsey day, since I haven’t had one in a while!


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my dad and polo wraps

While we have tack all throughout the house, we have one closet that really doubles as an “extra tack” room. The closet is also used for things like the dog and cat food, random electronic cords, chargers for cell phones we don’t have anymore, etc.

Yesterday, my dad was trying to get to the phone book, kept on a shelf in this closet. I had just finished making a set of polo wraps, and happened to put them on the shelf in front of the phone book.

Dad: “What are these rolled up velvety thingies I just knocked down?”
Me: “They’re polo wraps…”
Dad: blank stare
Me: “…for the horses”

The polo wraps had fallen into my “bucket of horse laundry” where there were – you guessed it – more polo wraps.

My dad picks up the clean ones to put them back on the shelf, and in the process picked up an unrolled dirty one

Dad: “What’s this? A scarf?”
Me: “No, that’s a polo wrap…For the horses” 🙂
Dad: “Am I supposed to roll it up?”
Me: “Not yet, it’s dirty”
Dad: blank stare

Gotta love him 😀

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good rides and goal setting – take two

So, December 21, 2006 I made a post about some goals I had for Win and Snow for the upcoming year. Of the five goals I posted, I accomplished ONE of them 😀 So much has changed over the last two years, not the least of which would be our horses!

So, in light of the new year, I thought I’d put some new goals down 🙂

Show under saddle. And live through it 🙂
Be able to ride a training level test on her. With all THREE gaits, and STEERING! 😀
Hitch and drive her! She’s so ready, and I just haven’t DONE it yet.

Show in harness and under saddle
Get her going well enough under saddle that my mom feels comfortable getting on her

First and foremost, getting my mom to show her 😀 I’m so excited for how far they’ve come together!
I’d like to show her over fences – it’ll be good for me. And again with the living through it being part of the goal 😉

And of course, now that I have TWO breedings, I’d really like to have found a nice, foal-safe, permanent place for ourselves before spring of 2009!

Also, I really want to work on ME more. I’ve already scheduled lessons with my trainer on one of HER schoolmaster horses. I can’t wait!

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