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sale pony

Well it’s been a week since Bailea was listed for sale, I’ve been having great rides on her all week, and it concluded this weekend when she showed herself off twice. I was very pleased with how she did, behaving well for unfamiliar riders and also carting around little kids (the first 11 and the second 5!) like a pro. Both folks who tried her were pleased, and I’m so proud of how she did this weekend. She’s green, but at least she’s consistent! And she sure does “whoa” well 😉

The only downside is that I didn’t have time to ride ANYBODY else all weekend. Snow pony should be exciting tomorrow!


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spring has sprung

and that means I’m back in the saddle!!

Da’ Snow-Pone has been moved to my trainer’s barn (with an indoor!) and we’re making some fantastic progress now that I can work her regularly (and under supervision!). In the past three weeks, we went from reminding her how to lunge, to getting back on her, to cantering for the first time under saddle!! She’s really doing great! No pictures, because we HAVE been in an indoor 😉

Yesterday I climbed on Bailea for the first time (she was started last summer, but I never rode her), and she proved to be just as calm and fantastic and she’s always been.

Biggest difference between her and Snow is size. Bailea is HUGE in comparison. A couple inches taller and twice as wide 😉

Out of shape, but not too shabby!

And……..I’m up!

Checking the brakes and making sure we’re both still alive 😆

Have steering too…

Another check of the brakes

And then….trot?

Yep, got that too!

Good pony!!

She’s so much fun….I’ll be sad to see her go!!

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snow pony canters!

With much help from Tracy of course, I cantered the Snow-pony under saddle for the first time!! We made one try and got some HUGE trot, and I had to stop and regroup before we got a canter. BUT when we asked again she gave me a GREAT transition! We went about half a circle and stopped and told her how fantastic she was 😀 We tried to do it again, and there was some more BIG trot involved, but we did get it a second time, and this time we went a FULL twenty meter circle before nailing a halt, and called that a fantastic day! Woohoo!!

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A few words on how horses haven't managed to kill me (yet...)
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