don’t go two years without showing

August 13, 2008 at 9:26 am 2 comments

Just don’t. Why, you ask? Your show clothes will shrink in that time.

And now I have a show this weekend, and am wondering exactly how I’m going to pull this off. My plan was to wear navy and cream (cream looks so much nicer than white on the haffies!). My navy show coat fits fine, but the cream breeches are about two (okay, maybe three) sizes too small. They’re lovely pants with an even nicer leather seat, which means they are NOT very forgiving. I have some white breeches that do fit, but I’ve been tossed off in them, I’ve spilled walking taco on my lap in them, and I broke in new boots in them. Stained would be an understatement, and unless it’s pouring rain, I’m not wearing them to a show (it’s supposed to be sunny). But if I did have to wear them, I’d wear my longer black coat that covers up more of the stains. Except that seems to have shrunk a size as well. I can get it buttoned though.

I have one of those nice short sleeve coolmax type show shirts (that fits!), but it seems to have gone MIA since the driving event two weeks ago. So now I’m torn between rush shipping a new one, or sucking it up and wearing an actual long sleeved show shirt (it’s supposed to be 85 degrees).

Saturday I finally managed to ride in my new boots without a problem, and LOVED them. But on Monday night (after sitting in a cube all day at work) they just weren’t going to happen. I finally called the cobbler, and they’re only charging $8 to mechanically stretch the calves just a bit more. The good news is they’ll be done Thursday, so I’ll have them in time to bring to the show. The bad news I won’t be able to ride in them…until the show. My old boots are coming as a back-up…missing sole and all. OMG. I am NOT going to be a pretty picture!


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  • 1. Meghan  |  August 13, 2008 at 12:40 pm

    I hate that! All my breeches change shape over the winter too… I hate that!

    Good luck with the showing!

  • 2. Equineman  |  February 9, 2009 at 2:50 pm

    Funny.. you sound like my wife when she is getting ready for a show. She usually schools her students but gets the bug to mount up and then I get sentence enhancers for how her close fit. I personally think they look great.

    But I am not the show person, I just go around fixin things that these wonderful animals break. Saddle up once in awhile and trail ride.

    But I enjoyed your view.. I will tell her she is not alone.

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