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baby, it’s cold outside

As in, REALLY cold.  As my phone keeps telling me, it “feels like -6º.”  Thanks.  It’s not supposed to BE that cold in December.  And especially not for a week straight.  With nobody home to monitor them and throw more hay midday, everyone has been cooped up in stalls for most of the week.  The boys have been getting kicked outside for a couple hours in the evenings, and spent a good part of the morning outside today, but the girls have been stuck indoors all week, so we let them have a good romp around the indoor this evening.  They both let a few bucks, zoomed a bit, and then started looking for food.  Which was followed by this shot, of two ponies, me, and approximately 47 layers of thinsulate and poly-fill:



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baby blankie

So when one twenty degree temp drop is followed by another, in December, a pony-baby that was clipped in October is not prepared to live in the arctic.  So after much debate, the decision was made to blanket the baby while this cold spell hangs on.

We left plenty of time before I had to leave for work this morning.  Initially he gave the blanket in his doorway a good snort, but quickly came over to nose it.  He wasn’t so sure when I tried to rub his neck with it, but didn’t back away despite the nervousness.  When he finally relaxed to the blanket touching his neck, I draped it over him with no reaction whatsoever.  After giving him a few minutes to adjust and stroking his hindquarters in preparation, I pulled the blanket over him.  He started to jump forward a bit, but responded immediately to my mom holding the lead rope.  We kept on stroking and telling him how great he was, and once again he relaxed immediately.  We got all the straps adjusted with no excitement, and then left him in his stall while we put hay outside.  He took one hot lap around his box and then realized the blanket chasing him was NOT going to eat him, and then stood quietly until it was his turn to go out.

blanketsSnug as a bug in a rug!

Now we just have to get it off again…


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i’m baaaaaaack in the saddle again

So now that you’ll be singing Aerosmith for the rest of the day…

This morning was my three month post-op check on the second hip (thanks to some holidays it was really a week beyond that, but who’s counting?).  Since my surgeon is retiring next week, he essentially read my PT report, asked how I’d been, joked a bit about clearing me to ride in June of 2015, and then told me to go about my life and call if I had any problems.

So, after three and a half months (and the three months before that), I was cleared to ride!

ImageAfter a quick realization that a new indoor arena and a twenty five degree temp drop overnight don’t usually equal lazy equines, I thought I’d give The Banana a quick lunge.  She jogged around a bit and mostly wondered why I bother which such trivialities.  Mounting was less-than-graceful, but painless, and then we were off!  And by off, I mean meandering at a slow amble while I figured out where all my limbs belonged.  All in all, I was awkward and tight, but definitely pain free!  We walked for a few minutes, trotted a lap and a half because I just couldn’t resist, and called my first ride a success!

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A few words on how horses haven't managed to kill me (yet...)
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