i’m baaaaaaack in the saddle again

December 5, 2013 at 10:34 pm Leave a comment

So now that you’ll be singing Aerosmith for the rest of the day…

This morning was my three month post-op check on the second hip (thanks to some holidays it was really a week beyond that, but who’s counting?).  Since my surgeon is retiring next week, he essentially read my PT report, asked how I’d been, joked a bit about clearing me to ride in June of 2015, and then told me to go about my life and call if I had any problems.

So, after three and a half months (and the three months before that), I was cleared to ride!

ImageAfter a quick realization that a new indoor arena and a twenty five degree temp drop overnight don’t usually equal lazy equines, I thought I’d give The Banana a quick lunge.  She jogged around a bit and mostly wondered why I bother which such trivialities.  Mounting was less-than-graceful, but painless, and then we were off!  And by off, I mean meandering at a slow amble while I figured out where all my limbs belonged.  All in all, I was awkward and tight, but definitely pain free!  We walked for a few minutes, trotted a lap and a half because I just couldn’t resist, and called my first ride a success!


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